The Beginning of a Church

September 16, 1976. The group met to establish a Church. September 23,1979 Walnut Grove Baptist Church, Dickson, Tn. extended an arm to the group to receive members. 39 souls requested  membership. Coming from Old New Hope Baptist Church Fairview Tn. September 30 1979 ten more joined membership. On January 20, 1980 the group meet to organize as Old Path Baptist Church. On January 20 1980 Reverend John Lampley was elected as the first pastor of Old Path Baptist Church,


Tommy hudgins, Allan fondaw,carl pennington,ron buttery,

david myers Jr.

congregation of faith

Pastor List

John Lamply     January 20-1980  to May 07-1993

Bennie Mangrum    June 13 1993  to Jan 2001

Thomas Sullivan     May 6 2001 to Dec 31 2018

Henry Anness  July 2019 Till 

About Old Path Baptist Church 

Who We Are

You're welcome to join our Christian community at any time. A faith community that's rooted in the gospels as it is in one another. Join us next Sunday and see how our community comes together to praise  GOD..